Value Proposition

Mobility Guaranteed

Operating since 1996, with hundreds of mobility apps spread across 25 countries and never a failed deployment, Retriever understands enterprise mobility.

With our experience we are happy to contractually make the following Guarantees which are essential if your mobile App is to have the industrial strength required for your staff and customers to rely on them!


MUST HAVE TOP 3: could you choose a platform that would not commit to these guarantees?


1. Lifetime Warranty of native Apps

When you choose Retriever for your mobile application platform, we guarantee that your native App will run on all mainstream mobile operating systems, whatever they may be.
No more worries about the volatility of the Mobile device market.


2. Guarantee No Lost Data

Without surety of no data loss manual systems must be maintained by field users – so we contractually commit to it.
We would highlight that many standard IT data commitment approaches do not translate well to an occasionally connected scenario and you should ask all mobility vendors you are assessing for this contractual commitment.


3. Guarantee that the App can work out of coverage

All day if required! Retriever understands the need to accommodate for all communication environments, including weak or no signal areas. Retriever App’s can work all day out of coverage due to a full and local referential data base.




In field Application Recovery

Retriever achieves in field recovery in minutes, not hours.

Importantly recovery is not simply restoring data and programs – our commitment is to restore the individuals work up to his last point of contact. That means if you lose your device at lunchtime we can restore the work you did this morning.


Cloud Service Level Agreement 99% Availability

Retriever supports both Cloud and Software models. However, our cloud model is not just hosting – in a single monthly fee we include software licenses, maintenance , level 2 support, infrastructure, upgrades to latest mobile operating systems and our new releases.

And our Retriever support and response is contractually committed 24×7.

Manned by our own Retriever staff in Houston and Sydney, they person who answers the phone is the same person who can fix the problem. Ensured quality support.


Single Integrated Development Environment

Retriever’s Application Development Environment “RADE” is a tool that defines data transfers, screen design, business logic and integration.

It also allows the fast development of prototypes after only a few hours of training to a person with a Business Analyst level of skill or similar.

Importantly, our tool-kit never requires a break out into code, which means your on-going total cost of ownership is significantly lower with Retriever as changes to the App are inevitable as changes to your business needs.

  • Life Time Warranty
  • No Data Loss
  • Apps Work Out of Coverage
  • Infield Application Recovery


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  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Sage
  • Dynamics & Great Plains
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Pronto
  • Maximo