NAVIGATION  Barking For Sales

Tracking sales, tracking success. Retriever’s Barking for Sales is an Ipad application designed with sales representatives in mind. The application delivers industry- leading technology to organizations who seek to increase productivity, improve customer service and enhance responsiveness within their sales department.

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Barking Video:



  • * Account Management
  • * Task Management
  • * Sales Goal/Target Tracking
  • * Qualify Leads
  • * Generate Reports


Increase Productivity

  • * Integrate to Email and Calendar functions
  • * Track Customer visits
  • * Manage and Schedule Customer appointments and follow up
  • * Receive and respond to Quote requests
  • * Access to customer credit status reports and back order reports in field

Manage Customer Accounts

  • * Create and Assign Accounts to Sales Reps
  • * Manage Sales Rep Account territory
  • * Generates Account forms (ie. Quote Forms)




Reach Goals

  • * Access to account activity history
  • * Lead creation and distribution
  • * Lead qualification data capture
  • * Facilitates sales rep with decision making to reach goals
  • * Ability to Pipeline

Features Include


  • Supports all the procedures that your sales reps need for appointments, meeting, and sales goal tracking.
  • Retriever apps work in 3G, 4G and WIFI, however, they also operate in limited and no Wireless coverage areas.
  • A fully “Native” mobile application designed to reflect current sale order statuses and paperwork processes.
  • Advanced mobile device management for supporting, managing, tracking and securing remote devices whilst in the field.
  • Integrates with any Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) including: Salesforce, Netsuite, Siebel, Pronto CRM, Sage, and Internally developed, through Web Services, HTTP/s, and FTP.
  • Global Support, Retriever operates a 24×7 cloud service desk and a 24/5 business day help desk, manned by Retriever mobility specialists.


  • Life Time Warranty
  • No Data Loss
  • Apps Work Out of Coverage
  • Infield Application Recovery


Demo Request

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  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Sage
  • Dynamics & Great Plains
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Pronto
  • Maximo