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For organisations where the success of projects relies heavily on the availability of critical assets, unexpected asset failures severely impact the bottom line. Proactive management ensures equipment continues to operate at peak proficiency whilst also meeting regulatory obligations and performance targets. However, blanket policies and procedures create unnecessary overhead in achieving these goals. Volatile revenue streams for these projects puts pressure on operations and maintenance costs while maintaining these objectives.

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Retriever’s Barking for Assets is an advanced field application technology that simplifies the reliability management complexities faced by organisations who rely on critical assets. Developed specifically for companies in the resource & energy sector, our solution focuses on complex assets that require diverse and unique asset management strategies as well as accounting for regulatory concerns.

Our solution uses a multi-tier task template providing the flexibility, visibility, control, and resource management necessary to capture valuable data, improve operational efficiency, and manage assets safely and proactively. Barking for Assets provides the mobile solution capable of dealing with the complexities of modern asset management.




    • Profile based maintenance activities defined at multiple levels.
    • Integrates capability into multiple company back end systems simultaneously
    • Single solution configurable to both in-field and plant processes
    • Provides operators with historical asset data for optimised and informed decision making



Tailored Asset Management

  • Configurable task scheduling to shift, swing or periodic.
  • Ability to tailor sub-template asset tasks according to unique site situation to optimise service level
  • Task completion application with historical results presented to operators (including trend charts) for better asset performance visibility at the point of activity.

Task Management

    • Manage & plan field operator rounds remotely
    • Allows the creation of asset task rounds including grouping and ordering for efficient completion
    • Shift/swing management including definition and round allocation.





Real time data collection

  • Real time capture and process of task completion.
  • Empowers collaborative workflow with field operators able retrieve or add asset notes
  • Ability to harness and share critical asset information and knowledge among operators



Features Include

  • Retriever apps work in 3G, 4G and WIFI, however, they also operate in limited and no Wireless coverage areas.
  • A fully “Native” mobile application designed to reflect current paperwork processes.
  • Retriever applications operate on any mobile device supporting Android, iOS, & Windows, so your organization can have a mixed “device” deployments.
  • Advanced mobile device management for managing, supporting, tracking and securing remote devices whilst in the field.
  • Ability to integrate into multiple company back end systems simultaneously
  • Global Support, Retriever operates a 24×7 cloud service desk and a 24/5 business day help desk, manned by Retriever mobility specialists.
  • Life Time Warranty
  • No Data Loss
  • Apps Work Out of Coverage
  • Infield Application Recovery


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